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Our Sailing Cruises in 2021

2020 cost us all a lot of strength and sacrifice. – That has to change in this year!
We want to be under sails again, feel the joy of life, breathe freedom.
For this we cordially invite you!

It is clear that under Corona conditions it cannot be the same as before, but we are prepared accordingly:

We will spend the 2021 sailing season in the Dodecanese archipelago (Rhodes, Kos, Karpathos, Patmos, Astypalea, Nisyros, Leros, Symi, Kastelorizo, Tilos, Chalki and Kalymnos) and we will sail exclusively in a small crew with maximum 4 guests out of at most 2 households.
Sufficient free space and privacy is guaranteed by the two spacious stern cabins with their own bathroom/toilet; Individual travellers receive the double cabin including bath/toilet at no extra charge.

With suitable hygiene measures, we ensure the greatest possible safety, e.g. through regular disinfection of the contact surfaces and the entire ship after a crew change.
Depending on the prevailing situation, we will adapt the measures and, if necessary, offer a Corona quick test before the start of the trip.

Once on board of the FAIR LADY and out and about, any risk of infection is reduced to practically zero. For this reason, we will forego the usual weekly crew changes this year and only offer trips lasting several weeks (minimum trip duration: 2 weeks!).
Longer time on the boat in one group means more security for each individual!

With this offer, we would like to address the „long-term“ sailors or those who appreciate the passion of sailing as much as we do and who are looking for a break, rest and relaxation.
We will just sail together, enjoy ourself and offshore freedom, anchor in quiet bays or moor in relaxed fishing villages. It’s not about unwinding holiday experiences and impressions, but rather about “great freedom” as far away from everyday life as possible.

We hope very much that we will all be able to largely return to normality soonest and leave Corona behind us. If this is not the case, we will react with suitable measures and will publish them just in time on this website.

Under the currently constantly changing corona conditions, it is not possible to plan the trips over the entire season. If you are interested in sailing, please contact me by email or phone ( 0041 793463194 or 0049 15115849129 ) in order to coordinate your dream sailing cruise with me.

18.09. – 30.10.21 Area of
Dodecanese archipelago
(Rhodos, Kos, Karpathos, Patmos, Astypalea, Nisyros, Leros, Symi, Kastelorizo, Tilos, Chalki und Kalymnos)
Individual price, depends to duration
on request
(Basic price 750 per week)

Current booking status

The following trips / weeks have already been booked in whole or in part – as of: 07.10.2021

02.10. – 16.10.21 Area of:
Dodecanese archipelago
(southeast coast of Greece)
Individual price, depends to duration
on request
(Basic price 750 per week)

2 places still vacant
16.10. – 23.10.21 Area of:
Dodecanese archipelago
(southeast coast of Greece)

booked up

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Take over the helm!

You would like to sail? Do you know how to sail? You not only may sail - you are invited to sail.

If you are an ambitious sailor and wish to increase your experience with valuable tips or if you just prefer to leave the big responsibility of chartering your own yacht in the hands of a skipper:
you are always welcome to live up to your desire and take over the helm.
This not only applies to the handling and management of the yacht, but also for challenging maneuvres such as berthing during strong winds.

Ever a watchful eye I will be right there should any situation become precarious. At all other times sailing enthusiasts will have the opportunity to extend and deepen their experience.

Focus on what you are really here for - sailing!
No burden of responsibility for other sailors travelling with you, no tiring handover procedure when you have chartered your own yacht and no worry about the condition of the ship.
There are many reasons for a sailing trip with the FAIR LADY - why charter yourself?

-----------------------------------------    FOR THOSE WHO APPRECIATE THE EXTRAORDINARY   -----------------------------------------


-----------------------------------------   MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE -----------------------------------------

A special holiday experience under sail: berth charter on a spacious first-rate comfort Yacht.

You love movement, independence and want to explore a different terrain? You want to be in harmony with nature, detached and carefree enjoying a holiday at sea? You like it cosy, appreciate space and a luxury adventure?

Then a sailing trip on the sailing yacht FAIR LADY is just right for you! Come aboard and be one of only 4 guests. This creates plenty of room for individuality and ensures enough space for everyone.


[ More information about the yacht? For changing views please click on the thumbnails ]





Join me on part of the journey and experience the trip of a lifetime:
a sailing trip on a spacious, comfortable and sleek owner yacht.
Since 2019 I am sailing between the beautiful Greece islands and look forward to welcoming you aboard. Here you will find both the space and the time for an unforgettable holiday experience.



Ideally you would take that time to completely relax and switch off from the daily routine and recharge your batteries. After 2 - 4 days you begin to feel integrated and now you can leave your world behind.
A 2-week trip offers a lot of added value: more experience and action, more fun and joy, more enjoyment and relaxation.

-------------------------------    AT THE HEART OF THE ACTION NOT APART FROM THE EXPERIENCE    -------------------------------


-----------------------------------------    ON A COMFORTABLE SAILING YACHT    -----------------------------------------

Two factors essentially determine the trips:
the current conditions - such as wind and weather - and you, my guests.

Before starting a sailing trip I take into consideration all your individual wishes and needs within the range of possibilities. We discuss routes and destinations, give tips to nature and cultural treasures which are well worth visiting, recommend Konobas and restaurants. All in all I wish to create a balanced, intensive and diversified sailing trip.
Every morning we enjoy the luxury of mapping the day according to our desires.

Throughout our sailing trips, due to different weather conditions and locations, we often experience a mix of the following possible trip scenarios:

Rot glühend versinkt die Sonne über dem Meer. Im Hintergrund die Inseln der Kvarner Bucht


The most comfortable way of sailing. Suitable for beginners and families. Priorities are sunbathing, swimming, relaxing and pure pleasure. Holiday par excellence.

Starkwindsegeln macht Laune; die Segelyacht pflügt mit acht Knoten durch's Wasser der Adria


At 5 Beaufort force it can become quite demanding. However, we will not give this sailing highlight a miss, nevertheless safety for our guests is a priority at all times.

Das schmeckt der Crew: herzhaftes zaubert der Skipper auf dem Gasgrill im Heck der Segelyacht


Sailing makes you hungry.
The Croatian cuisine offers fresh fish or hearty meat dishes. A real hit is our BBQ from the on-board master gas grill.

Auf etlichen Insern der nördlichen Adria finden sich historische Ruinen längst vergangener Hochkulturen


Island-hopping from spot to spot: national parks, Kornati-Islands, Krka-Waterfalls, ruins and cultural monuments, wonderful bays, romantic seaport towns.

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Experience freedom and the vastness
of the sea, untouched nature, beautiful landscapes,
secluded coves and romantic ports.

Find peace and relaxation in our comfortable
sailing yacht Fair Lady,
a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS.

I promise a memorable holiday experience.

Dietmar (Didi) Kuhn
Skipper & Owner

-----------------------------------------    ABOUT    -----------------------------------------


-----------------------------------------    FLEXIBLE & COMPETENT    -----------------------------------------

Dietmar (Didi) Kuhn,
1961 born in Stuttgart, resident in Zürich / Schwitzerland

Languages on bord:
German, English

From early on I was fascinated by sailing and soon I had the dream to be on my way under my own sails.
Today, 3 decades later, I look back on countless numbers of sea miles with different yachts
and the relevant sailing experience I gained.

Over many years I sailed the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands. I started with berth charters and different instruction and training trips.
The different approaches from instructors and other skippers were always very exciting, and I have taken away the best tips and tricks, adding to my treasure trove of experience. I like to share my expertise in seamanship and the handling / managing of a ship with my guests and sailors.

My desire to sail in first class ambiance, with plenty of comfort, steered me to the FAIR LADY after 3 years.
A Sun Odyssey 54 DS sailing yacht which I am happy to call my own.

Sailing, sharing the dream of a lifetime, enjoying life without stress, with nice and like-minded people this is what I invite you to.

Didi Kuhn

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