The ideal yacht for enthusiastic sailors!

On the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS FAIR LADY you not only can look forward to generous space, but also excellent sailing attributes to inspire every yachtsman.

Nearly 140 square meters of sail will push the yacht perfectly ahead even in light winds. At calm, the 100 hp strong YAMNAR motor ensures comfortable speed.
The spacious twin steering area contains all significant navigational instruments including a bow thruster and offers a good overview and a clear line of sight.

So much for the external facts - the inner assets, for thoroughbred sailors or for the novice are especially exceptional. This owner sailed ship is in the very best condition and neatly mopped up when it sets sail. Here you will not find slack steering gear, worn through ropes and sheets or any defective safety-related components.

On the FAIR LADY you will find no other defects, which usually crop up on a charter yacht during intensive seasonal operations.
The rig is always well looked after and thanks to the practical and comfortable major electrical winch the FAIR LADY can be sailed comfortably by only two persons, despite her length of 17 meters.

Here you will take over the helm

Next to conventional sailing trips and holiday cruises for families and occasional sailors, usually conducted during the warmer summer months of July and August when the winds are generally low; I also offer special trips for enthusiastic sailors. Those Active Sailing Trips along the Croatian coast usually take place in May and June or September and
October. From experience, at that time, ideals winds between 3 and 5 Beaufort are to be expected. However, those months still offer pleasant air and water temperature for excellent sailing fun and a great holiday feeling.

This Active Sailing Trips special offer applies to:
Ambitious sailors with some experience
You already have some sailing experience, are preparing for your sailing certification or have just acquired your certificate. Now you wish to become a responsible skipper and want to build up experience and reliability before you go on a sailing trip with a chartered yacht and your own crew.

You have the opportunity to practice on the FAIR LADY and to expand your practical skills and knowledge according to your current capabilities. You will notice a huge improvement in your sailing abilities. Throughout a one week, or better two weeks trip, you will notice a huge improvement in your ability to sail. I will teach you valuable lessons for the handling of a large yacht and let you maneuver independently. Ever a watchful eye I will step in should any situation become precarious.

This applies to various situations such as: Sailing according to telltales, correct reffing, precise sail and trim positioning especially for anchoring- and buoy maneuvers as well as mooring and casting off at the peer.
Sailing enthusiasts and holiday skippers (with or without own crew)
You are an enthusiastic skipper and potentially have independently steered a yacht. You have the know-how to handle a ship and wish to learn a few more tricks to bring your skills up to perfection. On the FAIR LADY with the generous space all around, you have the perfect environment to fully enjoy your passion - sailing.

Your sailing holidays on the FAIR LADY start as soon you board the yacht: No need for you to take care of formalities, no time consuming handover process, no deposit to lodge, you only share the maritime responsibility for the crew. Right after the first shopping we are ready to cast off and your sailing trip can become real, completely relaxing and stress-free.
Generally, the FAIR LADY is occupied by 4 guests, exemptions are families, a circle of friends or small crews from sailing clubs or schools (according to prior agreement). That way you have ample time and opportunity to take over the helm and steer through all maneuvers, nevertheless I will be there to support you if needed at any time.

Come on board of the FAIR LADY, either as individual sailing enthusiast, family or small crew and enjoy the unmatched feeling of sailing on such a comfortable yacht. Why squeeze on to a smaller boat when you can have all this comfort on a 54-foot yacht for the same money?
Experienced sailors who have reached a certain age and who wish to hand over responsibility
You have been sailing for numerous years, been the skipper on countless yachts or underway on your own keel. You have reached a certain age and after many years of independent skippering it has become too straining due to potential physical limitations or the daily on board routine has become too much to manage.

Therefore, resign from sailing? No need!
On the FAIR LADY you find the ideal conditions to continue indulging your passion. You can skipper yourself whenever it suits you or hand over to me and lay back when you wish to. Released of the physical demands and full responsibility you can casually relish your passion and live life to the fullest.

The comfortable cockpit and saloon of the FAIR LADY meets all desires and offers spacious accommodations. Each double cabin has its own bathroom, very nice to have, an important aspect especially for senior sailors.